Procreate Demo: Inverted Colors Tattoo Design

While I was away at the 208 Tattoo Fest in Boise, ID I had the chance to work on a tattoo design which displayed as a negative or inverted from the original design. I didn’t get good video of the tattoo and the time lapse of the design was quite short. So I decided to […]

Guerrilla Art: Artist Trading Cards

I had some extra time during my recent trip to Boise for the 208 Tattoo Fest. I did not however remember any art supplies besides my every day carry. Here is what happened.

Biker Skull: A Digital Art Timelapse

Here is a new video of a time lapse I created from a biker skull design intended to be used as a shoulder cap on a biker themed tattoo sleeve. Leave a comment. Like or share. Or don’t. 🤪

Tattoo Times-lapse: Robot Skin Rip

I have uploaded a new video time-lapse of a tattoo I recently did. The entire process was recorded from consult to completion. I would love to read what you have to say about it. I may be inclined to create more videos so be sure to subscribe.